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Don't avoid discipline. You learned ways to make a living supporting your body. Now learn to support your soul (mind).


Private Coaching


You are the driver in a coaching session. I want you to feel like you have control over how far and fast we go. I am the navigator. I hold a map and work with you to adjust our course to achieve your desired goals.


I handle coaching sessions with many questions upfront to determine where you are in your life and where you want to go. What are your goals, expectations, hopes, and dreams? I then spend about a session describing my Self-Compassionate Living and Joy, Peace, and Contentment philosophy. I use graphics and stories to offer you a vocabulary to start talking about your day-to-day experience and the areas you want to work. We shape the rest of the sessions around you. You control the direction and speed, and I offer guidance in achieving your dreams. These sessions are for you. I am merely a guide to aid you in getting there.


Workshops and Speeches


In workshops or a speech, I believe I am a guide toward an ideal. In most situations, I ask an enormous amount of questions to determine the desired message theme and then offer inspiration and opportunities to the participants to transform areas of their lives that they would like to change. My goal is to make the presentation entertaining and uplifting with stories, quotes, and graphics. I tend to be a dramatic gesticulating speaker that invites the audience into the story so that we experience it together. We - the audience and I - learn together and from each other.


I invite you to contact me


I invite you to contact me via phone at 720-789-4000 or the contact form above. Lets begin to get to know each other. I dont want to talk you into hiring me. I genuinely want you to find the right speaker, facilitator, or coach for your needs. As we get to know each other, youll feel whether Im the right person to walk with you for a while. Dont hesitate to get in touch with me.