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I decided two years ago that I wanted to use video to connect better with you and people like you who have a more profound interest in creating meaning in your lives. You wanted more than magic pills or switches that didn't work. You wanted more than extraordinary sales jobs that pledged to solve all your problems and make your life meaningful, all for more money than you'd usually spend on groceries in a month or possibly even a year.

I want to offer the tools and methods I have learned from so many great spiritual and philosophical teachers. Videos seem an excellent way to share these tools. May you grow from the information in these videos as much as I have.
Cover Your Mind With The Leather of Self-Compassion

A long time ago, a man decided to hike up to three scenic overlooks. The path to the first overlook was rocky, and his feet were severely cut and bruised. He looked over the valley below, but he had to sit down because his feet hurt. Anxious to keep moving, he quickly left for the second vista.

7:05 minutes long. Posted February 16, 2021

A Story About Wisdom andSophia

Wisdom is one of the most profound gifts I have received, learned, and hopefully shared, and I learned much of it from my wife, Sophia. Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I realized that Sophia is a Greek word for wisdom. She embodies what her name means.
6:31 minutes long. Posted December 25, 2020

E motion - Putting Energy Into Feeling Better

I meditate and walk when I feel good, so it’s easier to do when I feel bad. As I only have limited years on this earth, I want to spend those years feeling positive as much as possible. When I take negative feelings and turn them into positive action, I improve my life. That is putting energy into feeling better.
6:50 minutes long. Posted December 21, 2020

"We'll See" - A Story About Acceptance and Letting Go

We all have emotional ups and downs in our lives. One day (or minute), we feel fantastic, and the next, we feel angry or down. Life is full of emotional roller coaster rides. One of the secrets to living a more fulfilling life is to learn to absorb the good and the bad with equanimity, a calm attitude, in other words.
5:06 minutes long. Posted November 23, 2020

Being present? What does that mean anyway?

A Story About Being Present? What Does That Mean Anyway?

What does being in the present moment mean? Many spiritual teachers and inspirational speakers talk about it. So here is a short story and two questions you can ask yourself to get back into the present moment.
4:06 minutes long. Posted October 16, 2020

The Fruits of Contemplative Prayer and Rewiring Our Brain
Here is a short video I posted on YouTube to Advertise my class, The Fruits of Contemplative Prayer and Rewiring Our Brain.  Will you please join me?
3:21 Minutes long. Posted September 28, 2020

The Gifts I Receive From Meditating
I have received many gifts from meditating. I’ve learned awareness, acceptance, discernment, and letting go from practicing daily meditation.
15:55 Minutes long. Posted September 19, 2020

Three Stories About Communication
Here are three stories about three relationships that use three communication methods. When people hire me as their communication coach, two of these stories represent the most common communication problems people bring to coaching sessions.
11:31 Minutes long. Posted August 14, 2020


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May you grow from these writings as much as I have.

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