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Testimonials about Blair as a Coach or Instructor

Testimonials About Blair As a Coach or Instructor

Brian M.
When a great mutual friend recommended Blair to me, I was pretty skeptical. What, after all, is a life coach? And why would I need one? I’ve been pretty successful in my life, and I wasn’t looking for any kind of help. Due to my trust and that mutual friend, I set aside my reservations and put in a call to Blair. Taking that step turned out to be one of the nicer gifts that I have received. I can answer both of those initial questions now. Blair turned out to be a very skilled listener. It turns out that I had the answers but had no idea what the questions were. Like most adults I know, I have stayed busy taking care of the business of life: raising kids, working hard on my career, and occasionally tending to my relationships. I gave no time or consideration to myself and didn’t listen to those little voices and what they were trying to tell me. I may not yet be where I want to be in this journey, but thanks largely to Blair, I feel like I know where I’m heading now. I’m far more in tune with why I do the things that I do and what a gift that is!

Sally H.
Spiritual Counseling
Very knowledgeable, personable, and supportive. So glad I found him.

Patrick K.
Within the very first session, Blair was able to immediately pinpoint major mental and emotional areas where I would benefit from digging deeper. In our following sessions, he helped me uncover blocks and open up doorways to freedom unique to me I hadn’t considered possible. I find him remarkably trustworthy, insightful, and I highly recommend him.

Nora P.
A coaching Colleague
I am a professional Lifecoach, and I met Blair through a coaching platform. Blair became my accountability partner quickly. We meet every couple of weeks, and our sessions are very productive. I’ve learned so much from them. Blair is an amazing coach, his passion for coaching and his clients have been very inspiring. I cannot recommend Blair enough for his work and the positive impact it will have on your life.

Rebecca J.
Blair is a talented coach who truly connects with his clients. He really listens to what they say and how they say it – and crafts his advice and wisdom into words and stories that resonate with the individual client. His coaching is not “one size fits all”.
When I received words of wisdom from Blair, what he told me made complete sense for what I was going through in my life because he took the time to listen to how I felt. He answered my numerous questions with patience, and he was always understanding when I became frustrated with my own progress.
Blair was always willing to share his own stories and struggles, which made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my journey. His caring and empathy provided comfort to me and gave me the confidence to keep going in my journey toward enlightenment.
Many of us have read book after book looking for peace and enlightenment in our lives, but the ideas seem lofty and unrealistic. Blair turns those ideas into a message that is clear and unique to each client. The best part about how Blair coaches is that he gives you the tools to keep helping yourself. I use his advice on a daily basis, and I will never forget what he has taught me.

Josh C.
Blair is a thinker. He makes other people think. I was introduced to Blair during a time when my partner and I were having some challenges communicating. I learned the problem is not all necessarily my partner but how I communicate. I’ve noticed a lot more honesty not only at home but with clients at work. Blair has helped me think before I speak and helped me to understand that no one can communicate about me or my feelings besides me, myself, and I.

Wills K.
I have known Blair for seventeen years and have worked with him as a music producer [My previous career. - Blair]. As I began another recording project a year ago, Blair and I discussed his newer endeavor of life coaching and how that would quite possibly transport myself and the recording project into a higher dimension. We began coaching, and I began to become aware and process my world differently. As Blair and I have spent time together, every minute has been valuable, and my life and my music have greatly improved. I would highly recommend the benefit of being coached by one of the best in the business of healing the heart and soul, mentoring self-awareness, and building up the comfort and contribution level of existence on the planet and beyond. Blair has been the best investment for me that I have ever made.

Christina H.
I’ve always found myself so busy and thinking I’ll start exercising Monday (or take that class or bike ride or (and the list goes on). That was part of how I was feeling when I started coaching with Blair. I also felt that I had to do everything to make others happy and gave so much away that I had nothing left for me. Coaching with Blair has sincerely offered me the greatest personal growth I’ve ever experienced. His wisdom, knowledge, grace, and patience have supported me through challenging times and lead to personal outcomes which I’d never imagined possible - a deep sense of peace and happiness even when things in life are turbulent. With deepest gratitude to Blair’s coaching, my life is truly mine.

Julio B.
Blair has taught my brain a new way to process incoming thoughts, feelings, and emotions, where the outcome is moving towards a better and happier me. In his class, I have learned how to be more patient with myself and have learned ways to be mindful (being in the current moment). I am able to focus on what really matters in those moments from learning how to differentiate the reality of situations vs. what my emotions are telling me.

[Wire building is a skill I use with my students and groups to help them learn awareness. - Blair]
Wire building is helping me grow as a human being. It has made me a better partner, a better father, a better brother, and even a better son. Taking his class has given me the tools to be aware of my emotions, which helps me stop, think and act accordingly.

[Windshield time is how I introduce my students to meditation when they have preconceived notions about meditation. – Blair]
Through utilizing Blair’s strategy of “windshield time,” I have been able to separate my logical self from all the clutter in my brain. This is one of many strategies, tools, and resources that he has to offer, and each one will assist me in my journey in becoming the best me I can be.

It has not been easy becoming aware of my feelings and actions. However, it has been worth the time and effort. I am very grateful and feel somewhat privileged for being in Blair’s class. Thank you so much, Blair.

I invite you to contact me

I invite you to contact me via phone at 720-789-4000 or via the contact form here. Let’s begin to get to know each other. I don’t want to talk you into hiring me. I genuinely want you to find the right speaker, facilitator, or coach for your needs. As we get to know each other, you’ll get a feeling as to whether I’m the right person to walk with you for a while. Please contact me.
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My Mission Statement:

I want to be compassionate toward myself and others. I want to offer people ways to live compassionately towards themselves and others. When we train our minds to make self-compassion an automatic action in our lives, we live more comfortable, happier lives at home, at work, and with others.

If you'd like to learn about coaching, my workshops, or presenting to your group, please write to me using the form here and tell me about your organization and your goals. Or, call me at 720-789-4000.

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Blair Ashby
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I will not transfer or sell your data to anyone.
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