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You understand that when your employees are communicating poorly, the company struggles. If your organization or team is in the midst of this struggle, then you’re probably feeling the impact of it. You know,  your team suffers when they are not communicating with each other well. Sure everyone knows how to talk. However, how many are connecting?

Hi. My name is Blair Ashby.  I’m a communication specialist who helps people create new pathways for better communication.

Some of the most challenging things that you run into day after day are worthless conversations, meaningless bickering, and unproductive meetings. They take up your time, and they sap your team's momentum. It feels like something is pushing you back no matter how hard you work to advance.

You try to fix it. You bring in consultants. You hire experts. You send your team to workshops and conferences. However, nothing changes. Within a week or two it seems as if everyone has forgotten the skills that they learned. No one is focusing on the big picture, and everybody starts missing their goals, again. Your whole organization suffers from these poor relationships.  You probably sometimes wonder, “can it ever be improved”?

You can change this.  There is a way to transform these meaningless conversations and broken relationships into rewarding momentum. It begins with Communication rooted in Self-Compassion.

People who practice Self-Compassion understand they need the whole unit; they need the team, they need each other to succeed as individuals. Thus, groups thrive when they practice Self-Compassion. Interestingly when your people thrive, they focus on the group's goals, on the company’s mission, and on doing their best. Moreover, when they work this way, it makes their lives as individuals more purposeful. In other words, Self-Compassion creates meaning.

Poor communication between your employees sets up failures. Self-Compassionate communication creates success. So, what do you want? If you want success, then it’s time your team learns Self-Compassionate Communication.

Self-Compassionate Communication is a skill. That means it can be learned. Your team can learn it. Your company can learn it. Moreover, when they learn it, your group binds together aimed at a unified goal. Individuals thrive. The company succeeds. Relationships prosper and grow. It’s a skill worth having.

Your situation is solvable. Choose to create meaning and achieve success. Learn how to communicate Self-Compassionately. I can teach you how and you can transform your company. Self-Compassionate communication sets you up for success.

Are you ready to try something that works? Please contact me via the form or call me at 720-789-4000. Let’s begin to formulate a plan built upon Self-Compassion so you can transform your company.

Transform Your Company!
I teach corporations, teams, and individuals how to listen and communicate clearly so they can make their goals reality.

Blair Ashby - Self-Compassionate Communication Specialist
Blair Ashby
Communication Specialist
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