In his opening essay of the band’s autobiography U2 by U2, the singer Bono talks about how, despite the attitude of peace he conveys, there is a rage inside of him that he struggles to find answers to.  If a man with a billion dollars struggles to find the peace he’s looking for, what chance do you or I have to achieve any lasting joy, peace, and contentment?

You’re probably pretty happy.  Most of us are.  You’ve got it all together – maybe a career, committed partner, and a life that you love.  Yet… do you have an unsatisfied feeling deep inside of you?  Or, do you ever feel frustrated or feel like you’ve had to compromise and settle?  Maybe you feel that you’re not worthwhile.  You’re not alone.  We all have those gnawing voices in our head.

For thousands of years philosophers and spiritual teachers have pondered these questions.  With the advent of modern science, we’ve been able to probe the mind and start to learn the biology behind what these deep thinkers have discovered.  Now we have buzzwords like mindfulness, spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience.  From all this, are assaulted with a daily barrage of how to live happier lives.  Yet, the only solutions offered seem complicated and feel unachievable.

I offer a better way.

I have spent the past twenty-three years working with many of the world’s leading thinkers and spiritual masters.  I have also struggled with depression, bankruptcy, and divorce.  To quell the dull ache in my soul, I studied with these masters and thinkers and I combed the scholarly journals of psychology and neuroscience looking for answers.

I did find answers.  However, usually the answers were confusing and difficult to act on.  They were written in spiritual or scientific jargon and metaphor that normal people, like you and I, struggle to understand.  I spent a huge amount of time trying to grasp that jargon.  But when I was able to implement the answers into my life, I did achieve a large measure of peace and contentment.  Unfortunately, comprehending the answers was extremely discouraging.  I believed there had to be a better and easier way.  I wanted a way to teach these solutions to normal people so they could have the life they want and deserve.  

What answers does this offer you ?

I have transformed these complicated solutions into simple answers and exercises.  These exercises can be challenging but they are doable.  And, most importantly, they work.  They work by changing how you communicate with yourself.  As you enact these changes, your life will become easier and happier.  You’ll experience Joy, Peace, and Contentment.  

Are you committed to a easier and happier life? I’ll be your guide.

Finding answers with Blair Ashby - Life Coach, Author, SpeakerI look forward to walking with you on your path to a new life of Joy, Peace, and Contentment.